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Start of the 2011 Calendar season

Announcing the start of the calendar season 2011!

S.Jokuzys publishing-printing calendars 2011

You can download Calendar Catalogue 2011 here (PDF, 2 MB).

Probably no one was waiting for the rainy Autumn and don’t even want to think about the closing winter colds. Nonetheless, the Autumn is here and the Winter won’t be long, bringing with it the season’s holidays and the New Year.

SJ publishing-printing house is officially announcing the season of the new 2011 calendars. This year we offer very competitive prices and, as always, the biggest variety and highest quality calendars. Also this year we present a novelty – inner pages for calendars in six languages – Lithuanian, English, German, Russian, Latvian and Estonian.

Representational calendars that will remind about your company all year round are a great gift for your clients and partners. If your budget is smaller than last year, we can offer you calendars from 1 copy.

If you wish, we can pack your calendars in boxes from cardboard, corrugated cardboard or decorative paper with printed information about your company.

Interested in calendars? Get in touch with our sales managers and we will offer you a best price.

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Why our calendars?

Because they are:

  • Convenient, colorful, advertising your company and presenting your products 365 days per year - necessary for work or a beautiful present to your business partners
  • Only highest quality materials are used to manufacture our calendars
  • Wall calendars' inner pages are printed in our printing house
  • You can order non-standard inner pages
  • Customers can choose the color of the inner pages
  • National holidays of relevant countries are marked based on the language used
  • Weeks are numbered according to ISO 8601 standard
  • Inner pages in Latvian, Estonian, Belarusian and other languages can be manufactured on special order
  • We can mark Your company's special dates on the calendar (company birthday, etc.)
  • We were the first ones in Lithuania to start manufacturing calendars and we've been doing it for 18 years now
  • We have 70.000 photographs in our archives
  • We offer a big variety of calendars
  • We create, manufacture and deliver
  • Discounts are available
  • We value Your time
  • Every year we offer novelties to our clients
  • Quality saves You money!