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Saulius Jokužys - founder and CEO of the printing house

Saulius Jokužys was born in Klaipėda. He got interested in photography as a child and still cherishes the love for the art of stopped images and interpretation. Even his professional experience is closely linked to the art of photography – he worked as a photo journalist for 15 years in newspapers "Lithuanian fisherman" and "Klaipeda".

In 1990 Saulius Jokužys opened the first privately-owned printing-publishing house in Lithuania after the country gained independence. It’s one of the biggest printing houses in Klaipeda region now. Every year photography albums are published here as well as art of photography presented to the public.

Saulius Jokužys is a well known social figure and sponsor of many cultural events in Klaipeda. He‘s a member of Klaipeda‘s "Rotary" club, member of Lithuania‘s "Rotary" committee, Lithuania‘s publishers association chairman of the board, member of Klaipeda Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, as well as member of the board in the Union of the Lithuanian art photographers.

Despite intensive activity in business and social life, he finds time to create art. Since the establishment of Union of the Lithuanian art photographers in 1976 Saulius Jokužys is a member and actively participates in various exhibitions, workshops and seminars organized by the Union. He presented 20 personal as well as participated in numerous international exhibitions.