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Information catalogues

Business vitamin C

A vital vitamin C that strengthens the immune system, that is stimulates your potential customers’ interest and helps promote your products to effectively adhere to your clients needs.

Edited and printed publications that include big amounts of information. Catalogues can contain numerous information, pictures of your products, etc. You can present your company, products or services, familiarize Your potential clients with all technical characteristics of Your products or services, etc. Catalogues are usually distributed by mail or given directly to customers. They can be not only for advertising purposes, but informational catalogues to your existing clients with all complicated technical data, specifications, pictures of parts and other. They are very useful when there is a lot of information to present or your company has several lines of production or works in multitude of fields. Minimum amount – from 1 copy.

Information catalogues

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  • Various formats
  • Various papers
  • Binded, glued, stiched
  • Exclusive design, foiling, gravure printing, partial UV varnish is possible


We will create a design and offer you the product according to your needs and budget.

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